5 Easy Ways to Update Your Living Room

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Living Room

May 11, 2017Chic Concept
No place is more sociable and relaxing in your house than your living room, which is why it's important to get the right decor to suit you and your needs. If your living room is in need of an update, check out our top five handy hints to get your space looking great again with minimal effort required!

Lamp in living room1. Let there be light. 
Keep an eye out for unusual lighting to add more interest to a simple living room. Whether it's a laser-cut lamp, a statement floor lamp or some decorative mosaic candle holders, good lighting positioned throughout the room can transform a living room space from drab to homely without the need to break the bank. Perfect for both lazy summer evenings and cold winter nights.


Living room blue2. Embrace the arts. 

No matter if you’re a budding painter, music-lover or keen writer, to create a unique living room style it's important to inject your personality into the space and use the room to truly bring your passions to life. Why not go hunting for some new artwork to display on the walls or some bright cushions to upgrade your sofa? Putting these special pieces in such a sociable room will ensure that you get plenty of time to reflect on and enjoy them week after week.

Bright coffee table in living room3. Add a statement piece.

For those of you looking for a quick way of adding some spark to your living room, finding a statement furniture piece is a surefire method to draw the eye of everyone that comes into your home. Whether it's one of our beautiful coffee tables or a brand new luxury sofa, investment pieces such as these are sure to bring a new lease of life to your room.


4. Get snap happy. 

Nothing brings memories back more than pictures of your family, friends and happy times. Why not put your memories on display with a gallery wall? A gallery wall can be filled with everything from your favourite family photos to souvenirs like plane tickets and postcards - each one adding a little more personality to the room. Your living room is yours, so there's no reason why you can't make the space as personal as you like.


Plants in living room5. Second nature. 

Bring the outdoors into your home with a small natural decoration. Whether you add a few pot plants around the room or opt for a more nautical beach feel with bits of driftwood, even the smallest touch of the outdoors is enough to bring any living room to life.


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