10 Ways to Freshen Up Your Bedroom

10 Ways to Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Feb 16, 2017Chic Concept

Has your bedroom been looking a little lacklustre recently? Check out our range of top 10 tips for bringing a fresh feel back to your personal space.

1. Have a clear-out

It's all too easy to end up hoarding unnecessary clothes and trinkets in your bedroom when you get busy. Take an afternoon to really go through all your things and decide which items you can definitely live without.

2. Re-position your bed

Nothing makes your bedroom space feel more different than moving the focal point of the room - i.e. the bed - to a different wall. Assuming you have the space, this is a great way of making your room feel brand new.

3. Crack out the duster

Yes, we know that cleaning isn't exactly everyone's favourite thing to do, but spending a bit of time making sure that any ornaments or electronics are dust-free will make the whole place look better.

4. Change up the lighting

A new lamp can do wonders for any bedroom that's looking a bit dull. Get a new light in there, and enjoy the ambience that a good lamp creates.

5. Grab a pot plant or two

An easy and quick way to breathe a natural element into your room. Just don't forget to water it from time to time!

6. Add a throw to your bed

Luxurious? Check. Comfy? Check. Stylish? Check.

7. Rearrange your artwork

Harness your inner interior designer by mixing up the artwork on your walls, or adding some if you don't have any already. Playing around with textures and designs can really transform the room.

8. Hang up a tapestry

Don't fancy framing a load of pictures? Grab a beautiful tapestry and attach it to the wall to add instant charm and style.

9. Invest in some candles

Whether candles, incense or reed diffusers, having a beautiful smelling room automatically makes the space a nicer environment to relax in.

10. Place a rug next to your bed

Who doesn't fancy hopping out of bed in the morning onto a furry rug? Buy one and turn your floor into a foot-friendly paradise.

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