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Chic Concept offers a vast array of Bespoke Beds, Bespoke Headboards and Bespoke Furniture. Our Bespoke collection has been specifically designed so you can customise every aspect to your individual needs. Our Bespoke collection can be customised to any design, any style, any size, any colour and any fabric. 
All of our Bespoke furniture is handmade by our team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen in our workshop in Batley, West Yorkshire.

Bespoke Beds

Our Bespoke collection of Beds has been specifically designed so you can truly customise every element of your bed to create a place where you can rest, relax and rejuvenate. 

Pick your colour and fabric to go along with our contemporary styles for the ultimate satisfaction.

Drawer options

  • Non Storage

  • 2 Drawers

  • 4 Drawers

  • 1 Sliding Drawer

  • Jumbo Drawer

  • Ottoman: Front/Side Lift

Bespoke headboards

Our Bespoke collection of headboards ensures you can customise your headboard to whatever space your room demands. Customise the headboard to any size you require and in a range of colours and fabrics.


Complement your perfect bedroom or accessorise your rooms with our range of Bespoke furniture available in a range of colours and fabrics. Our collection offers unique yet practical furniture such as chaise lounges, Potenza chairs, Shoe chairs, Ottoman Boxes and Footstools 

Fabric options

Our Bespoke collection can be upholstered in a vast range of high quality fabrics and colours each creating a unique look and style. You can also choose to supply your own material and we will do the rest!