AVAX Colossal X FIRA Certified Ergonomic Sleep Catalyst Foam Pocket Encapsulated Mattress

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The Colossal X mattress from the Mindbody collection is an exclusive addition to our high quality mattress range. The mattress is a product of a full fledged research and continuous engineering efforts in which the factors of paramount importance to sleep, health and well-being were tested and analysed to optimise its performance and ergonomics features that exceed the British and the European Standards. This exclusive mattress is:  

  • The UK’s first ever FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award winning mattress with our innovative, pressure relieving and body adaptive Sleep Catalyst Foam
  • The UK’s first ever Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) certified ergonomic mattress with Pi-Cut Air Dispersion Channels® Technology      
  • The UK’s first ever FIRA collaborated mattress with two independent studies-Sleep Research by Professor John Groeger, Hull University and Ergonomics Research by FIRA for validating its health and well-being benefits and advantages
  • Elite athletes and sport stars rely on this mattress for their rest, recovery and rejuvenation

Check out the testimonial from Samantha Murray, a Silver Medalist in Pentathlon at London Olympics and World Champion, by pressing the play button below:

With this 30 cm deep body adaptive mattress you are bound to experience the best sleep of your life. The Mattress is made from an innovative combination of our pressure relieving and body relaxing High Performance Advanced Sleep Catalyst Foam with Pi-Cut Air Dispersion Channels® Technology, this mattress will: 

  • Enhance the quality of your sleep
  • Exceed the need for a contoured support to your spine whilst providing you with supreme comfort
  • Keep you comfortably cool and dry as a result of enhanced ventilation and effective moisture dispersion

This soft to medium firm ergonomic mattress will contour to your body for:

  • Even distribution of your weight for an outstanding pressure relief from shoulders,back,hips and legs for refreshing sleep
  • Elimination of movement disruption for an unperturbed sleep
  • Soothing you from body aches and pains for a comfortable day
  • Preventing numbness so that you do not suffer from nightmarish tossing and turning in your bed

This ergonomic mattress features a premium quality Nemo Cool® Bamboo luxury cover which contains environmentally friendly bamboo fibres and is antibacterial, hypoallergenic for sensitive skin users and anti static. All these features ensure you have a highly relaxing and rejuvenating sleep. The Colossal X mattress also features a 100% Egyptian cotton quilted border which imparts an elegant look and luxurious feel.

Product Information


Research for Sleep, Health and Well-being Product of a full-fledged research and a continuous engineering efforts in which the factors of paramount importance to sleep, health and well-being were tested and analysed to optimise its performance and ergonomics features that exceed the British and the European Standards
Design,Development and Manufacturing in the UK

Exclusively designed, developed and manufactured in the UK using an advanced intelligent mattress production technology to:

  • Impart a top notch quality and stability to exterior and interior structures
  • Provide celestial comfort and soft pleasurable support to your body for freshness, cleanliness, luxury, well-being, durability and an elegant craftsmanship
  • Immediately distribute your body weight properly for crucial pressure points relief
  • Supports the UK economy
  • Highly breathable for cool and comfortable sleep
  • Strong and durable
Comfort Core

The comfort core consists of our independently proven pressure relieving High Performance Advanced Sleep catalyst foam which is soft and elastic and moulds to your body contours for your highest level of sleeping experience. Unlike an ordinary memory foam, its body adaptive performance does not depend on temperature and therefore the mattress remains highly comfortable throughout the year.

Sleep catalyst foam with Pi-Cut Air Dispersion Channels® Technology which is designed to offer comfort and support whilst enhancing the air circulation through the mattress core for a cool and dry celestial sleep.

Premium Knitted Cover Premium quality Nemo°Cool® Bamboo luxury cover containing natural fibres provides a blissful soft comfort
Foundation This mattress can be used on any suitable type of foundation, however we recommend Avax foundation with our mattress to prolong its performance and life
Environmentally Friendly Various components can be recycled at the end of mattress usage to develop other important products including dog beds, carpet underlay, mast protector, playground impact absorber etc. after due hygienic and other necessary treatments
Fire Safety Compliance Complies with the UK Fire Safety Regulations
Extended Guarantee

6 year guarantee and 6 year warranty to provide a 12 year extended warranty

Vital Statistics


 Mattress Firmness Soft to Medium Firm (Ergonomic – see our Support Level Matrix)
  • Aids the blood circulation
  • Prevents numbness
  • Provides comfortable upholstery for sleeping surface
  • Sleeper remains in the same sleeping position for a longer period of time which reduces tossing and turning
Mattress Depth 25 cm
  • 25 cm is the ideal mattress depth required for 91% of the UK population. This mattress exceeds the depth required for the British population making it a very ideal choice for every UK bedroom
  • Enhances your high-tech sleep experience with the rich balance of luxury and support
Premium Grade Nemo°Cool Bamboo Cover

Cover Composition: Bamboo fibres and polyester

  • Incredibly softer than silk and luxurious feel
  • Antibacterial (perfect for sweaty sleepers), antimite, antifungal and deodorising to help reduce the bacterial, mite and fungal counts and keep the mattress fresh
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
  • Antistatic and therefore highly relaxing to your skin and rejuvenating sleep
  • Wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you comfortably cool and dry
  • Highly breathable for cool and comfortable sleep
  • Performs exceedingly well in all the temperatures
  • Environmental friendly bamboo fibres
High Performance Advanced MediCell ErgoFoam TechnologyTM Foam 5 cm
  • Provides a fully optimised sleep for improving blood flow, relieving body pressure points, relaxing muscles and reducing your body pains and aches
  • Offers the best of comfort while remaining neutral to the body and ambient temperatures
  • Prevents pressure ulcers (pressure sores) to keep your skin smooth and dry
  • Provides a weightlessness sleeping experience due to high micropores count per cubic cm
  • Prevents motion transfer of partner for undisruptive sleep
  • Hypoallergenic and hygienic for sensitive skin
  • Provides a supreme comfort during a sport injury rehabilitation programme
  • Wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you comfortably cool and dry
MediCell ErgoFoam TechnologyTM Foam with Pi-Cut Air Dispersion Channels® System and Ergobatic High Performance Body Support Core System® 23 cm
  • Provides a zonal and ergonomic support in conjunction with the comfort core – extended support in lumbar region and softer support at hips so that your posture is protected and the spine remains in alignment
  • Relieves your body pressure points to sooth you to a relaxing sleep
  • Regulates the air flow through the core to keep you comfortable and cool
  • Provides unbelievable comfort and supreme support to your body
  • Hypoallergenic and hygienic
Handles 4
  • Makes it easy to rotate the mattress
Quilted Side Panel (Mattress Border) 1
  • Imparts an elegant look and luxurious feel
Zero Turn Mattress
  • Sleeps on one side only
  • Rotate the mattress regularly to prevent the sagging (acceptable indentation is 5 cm during 10 year of warranty)

Knitted Stretchy Cover

  • Tape edged to secure it permanently for harvesting a quality comfort
Mattress Benefits

Why this mattress is good for you?

  • Provides you with a formidable comfort while improving your sleep standard
  • Creates a dynamic cool sleeping surface to meet your body’s requirement
  • Cuddles your bones properly for marvellous body pressure relief and a personalised soothing support

How does this mattress improve your health?

  • Provides physical stress and body pain relief
  • Imparts a targeted spine support
  • Allows for proper spine support
  • Facilitates cool and dry blissful sleep
Person Specification

Body weight shape and size

  • Individuals with their body weight up to 25 stone (100% of UK population)
  • couples with their combined body weight up to 50 stone (100% of UK couples)
  • Individual and couples with flat body shape and even weight distribution
  • Individuals and couples with average body shape and weight distribution
  • Individuals and couples with curvy body shape and uneven body weight distribution (having more defined and pronounced hips, shoulders and stomachs)


  • Weight holding capacity of this mattress is approximately 25 stone per sleeping side
  • Body weight and shape given above is for guidance only. Your preference may vary

3FT Single: Width 90cm x Length 190cm 

4FT Small Double: Width 120cm x Length 190cm

4FT6 Double: Width 135cm x Length 190cm

5FT King Size: Width 150cm x Length 200cm

6FT Super King: Width 180cm x Length 200cm

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